Chiropractor Training

All British Chiropractic Association Chiropractors have undergone a minimum of a four-year, full-time, internationally accredited degree course. Studies include the medical sciences, clinical diagnostic skills, orthopaedic and neurological testing, taking and reading of x-rays. They are also trained to have a complete repertoire of chiropractic adjustment menthods to suit the varied needs of patients and treat the whole range of musculoskeletal conditions.
Soon after graduation, Chiropractors follow a postgraduate training scheme (PRT), which provides the framework for a period of postgraduate training and professional development. PRT enables newly qualified chiropractors to work in professional clinical settings in regular contact with more experienced colleagues who act as trainers/mentors. In addition to practical clinical aspects, further structured education is provided. Each graduate is partnered with a recognised Chiropractic Trainer with whom they have regular contact. Each graduate must fulfil a range of learning requirements. Newly graduated Chiropractors thus complete the smooth transition to autonomous professional practice in the clinical setting.
The Chiropractor's learning continues throughout his/her professional career. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is now a statutory requirement, monitored by the General Chiropractic Council.