Special Interests

Special Interests

In addition to providing general chiropractic services, we also provide expertise in some special interest areas:

Sports Participation
Past associations of the clinic with Derby County Football Club and Derby Rugby Club have contributed to the successes of both clubs by helping to keep players performing at their maximum potential. Chiropractors of the clinic have also attended National and International athletic meetings.

However, we are not only consulted by elite sportspeople. Our expertise is increasingly sought for injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance enhancement by people, of all abilities, who engage in sport and physical activity for recreational and health purposes.

Physical activity promotion
Physical activity has been associated with reduced rates of death and ill health from many diseases. However, in the UK, 70-90% of men and women are insufficiently active to achieve health benefits. In recognition of this, the Government has set a target to get 70% of the population ‘active’ by the year 2020.

In line with Government Health Policy, Littleover Chiropractic Clinic actively encourages people to increase their physical activity levels, providing guidance on how to achieve this both safely and effectively.